Caring for your Sauna

A long lasting, durable sauna begins with Am-Finn Saunas' top quality product and is sustained by a sound maintenance program. Follow the recommended cleaning, inspection and rehabilitation steps outlined below to extend the life of your sauna.

Sauna Benches and Flooring

  • Replacement schedule 3-5 years.
  • Check frequently for broken or loose slats and fasteners. Remove stains with sandpaper and a flat block sander.
  • Clean benches, walls and floor with mild soap (Ex. Ivory liquid or equivalent) DO NOT use a cleanser any stronger than soap. Sponge on the soapy water and sponge it off. Do not use a water hose in the sauna. Clean a minimum of every other day.

Sauna Heater

  • Retain a licensed and insured electrician to check frequently for electrical shorts, loose or frayed wires, faulty heating elements, properly functioning hi-limit switch or thermostat, etc. Usage and maintenance are the biggest factors in longevity.
  • Clean the sauna rocks frequently and check the rock container for loose debris. Immediately remove any broken rocks so they do not form a grit and damage the pan. The heater's safety guard fence should be kept in good and sturdy repair according to U.L. installation instructions.

Sauna Room

  • Replacement Schedule 10-15 years.
  • Commercial saunas that are subject to high usage should be replaced or completely refurbished every 10-15 years. A sound maintenance program and periodic replacement of benches and flooring can lengthen this interval.

Repair and replacements needs are easy to assess. Most of the work can be accomplished by your maintenance staff, reputable carpenters, and electricians. Guidance is always available through Am-Finn Sauna and Steam. We are here to help.