Sauna, Steam Rooms and Safety

A customer’s safety is the top-most priority and concern for any club, as it should be. Am-Finn’s High Temperature Alarm (HTA) can help you towards this concern. It is the Worlds Most Advanced Sauna and Steam Room Console. It provides the highest level of safety and emergency features available on the market, from real-time wireless alerts and data analytics to energy efficient tools.

Safety Features

  • In room panic button –   When triggered, instantly initiates a signal for rapid assistance. When Sauna/steam bathers feel uncomfortable or dizzy, the easily accessible panic button triggers the following actions:
  1. Shuts down sauna/steam system
  2. Triggers a 115 dB alarm and strobe light inside and outside of the room
  3. Initiates an alert notification on the front-desk staff computer application
  4. Presents a message on the alarm LCD screen (outside the room) stating assistance is needed inside
  5. Optional text and email alerts
  • High Temperature alarm/strobe – It reduces the chances of sauna/steam room injuries resulting from temperatures reaching unsafe levels. Unsafe temperature levels can be caused by a variety of issues such as faulty sauna control sensors. The HTA features a highly accurate digital hygrometer that measures both ambient temperature and humidity. Operators can set desired max-temp shut off levels. When the room’s high temperature is reached, the HTA will:
  1. Automatically shut off the heating system
  2. Initiate an alert notification on the front-desk computer application
  3. Present a message on the HTA LCD (outside of room)
  4. Optional - Initiate both in/out room siren/strobes
  • Out-room alarm/strobe
  • Front desk notification
  • Independent alarm silencer
  • Fail Safe Mode

Remote Data

  • Front desk dashboard
  • Front desk alerts
  • Text/email alerts

Energy Efficiency

  • Occupancy monitor
  • Historical usage data
  • Automated temperature control

HTA Controller Module

The main controller module for the HTA is positioned outside the sauna/steam room. It features an integrated computer PC board and relay-board. Additionally, the control module features an LCD screen that displays real-time sauna/steam room information and system status.

HTA Sensor Box

The HTA features a digital temperature and humidity sensor enclosed in a tamper-proof stainless steel enclosure. It also features an (optional) motion sensor, camera and LED temperature/time display. When temperature exceeds established limits, a 115 dB siren and red LED strobe light will be triggered inside and outside the room. Additionally, this alert will also generate a notification on the front-desk computer the alarm application is installed on.

Emergency Shut-Off Button

The Am-Finn HTA features an in-room emergency shut-off switch that allows sauna/steam bathers the ability to shut down the sauna in the event of a health or safety issue. Once the button is triggered, a 115 dB siren and red LED strobe will be triggered inside and outside the room. Additionally, the alert will also generate a notification on the front-desk computer the alarm application is installed on.

Front Desk Dashboard

The Am-Finn HTA dashboard can be accessed/displayed at a front desk computer or any Internet connected device. The HTA dashboard provides full visibility to sauna and steam room conditions and allows for remote configuration of safety settings.


  • Micro-computer system with Wi-Fi
  • Digital temperature sensor
  • Digital humidity sensor
  • PIR motion sensor
  • HD camera (optional)
  • Large manual panic button
  • Two siren/strobe assemblies (for inside and outside of sauna/steam room)

System Specifications

  • Input - standard 110 volts
  • Operating voltage - 12 volts
  • Relay contact ratings - 30 amps, max 277 VAC
  • Max power consumption -15 watts
  • Set range - 160-200 degrees F
  • Audible alarm 115 dB
  • LED strobe lumens -100

Installation Features

  • Easy low voltage installation for new or existing installations
  • Interfaces with all electrically controlled heating sources including Millivolt systems
  • No wiring requirements for front-desk alerts/monitoring