Am-Finn's Advanced Hybrid Steam Room: Cutting Edge Innovation

Am-Finn is the leader in steam room installation and innovation. If a project needs a custom steam room, Am-Finn is the ideal partner. Our Advanced Hybrid Steam Room uses unique construction and materials to make the most efficient and hygienic steam room in the industry. Rather than install an already outdated, high maintenance steam room, opt for Am-Finn’s Advanced Hybrid Steam Room; ASHR’s are 50% more energy efficient than stone and tile steam rooms and 30% more energy efficient than ceramic tile steam rooms. Cost saving, easily maintained, and the preferred choice for architects and club owners, Am-Finn’s ASHR is the best option for a new project or a remodel. Am-Finn provides custom, commercial ASHR installation for any size room. All we need to install is an open framed room and a sloped floor. Contact us today for more information about the Am-Finn ASHR.