Halotherapy - Salt Saunas

Halotherapy, or salt saunas, have been a part of the human experience for thousands of years. For generations we’ve known that after a session in a salt sauna, we feel like new people. Many companies have been able to capitalize on this form of therapy when clients and customers come in for the occasional session. However, having customers who come back time and time again may not be as common. Those who have used salt saunas on a regular basis can testify to the health benefits of regular sessions. Salt saunas can benefit many parts of the body and improve on common complaints, such as allergies and acne. Offering salt saunas to your family or your clientele not only provides them with access to alternative health care that could potentially reduce doctor visits and medication, but it also has the added benefit of regular, return visits.

Respiratory benefits

One of the most notable benefits of a salt sauna is the affect it has on the respiratory system. The lining of our airways have a slight positive charge while salt has a significant negative charge. And, objects that are negatively charged are attracted to objects that are positively charged. This allows the beneficial ions from salt saunas to be carried deep into the lungs and eventually being absorbed into the bloodstream. One of the many benefits of halotherapy is an anti-inflammatory effect on airways in the lungs. And natural salts, like sea salt, have a cleansing and purifying quality to them that promote good health. Salt saunas can even help eliminate excess mucus and help those suffering from colds, the flu, and for some, even COPD and asthma.

Salt saunas and various forms of salt therapy can help with other problems too, such as seasonal allergies. The inhalation of salt helps break up excess mucus, but it also promotes healing and pH balance in the lungs and sinuses. This reduces inflammation which in turn helps prevent allergic reactions to common irritants that bother those with seasonal allergies.  Regardless if the ailment is as slight as a cough or as serious as COPD, there are significant benefits to using a salt sauna.

Skin Benefits

While salt enters the body through the respiratory system, it is also absorbed through the skin. The warmth of a sauna opens the pores of the skin, allowing many of the 80 or so minerals that we need in salt to be absorbed easily. Many adults who suffer from unsightly acne use salt saunas or a home variation of it in the treatment of their condition. While it is simply one component of treatment, those who regularly visit salt saunas see an improvement in skin breakouts.

As far as skin health goes, salt saunas have also proven to be invaluable with relieving the symptoms of Eczema for patients who regularly visit salt saunas. Symptoms such as redness, swelling, itching and drying can be relieved due to the way salt in halotherapy is absorbed into the skin. Salt sauna sessions increase blood flow in the skin and like in the lining of the lungs, works to reduce inflammation. While it is not a replacement for appropriate medical care, halotherapy can greatly reduce incidences Eczema flare-ups and severity of the disease.

Many Americans are beginning to think twice about what they are putting on their bodies. We’re reading labels now and becoming more aware of the consequences of chemicals and aluminum-based compounds. Many of us are recognizing the benefit of all natural, alternative care. This gradual shift in thinking has had a positive influence on alternative care businesses, such as those who might be interested in offering halotherapy to their customers. Salt saunas have the added advantage of remarkably good health benefits over traditional saunas. With repeated, regular visits, clients can see and feel the advantages of using this service. In some cases, they may even experience so much improvement that over the counter acne, sinus, headache and allergy medications may not be necessary. The lack of medications and frequent doctor visits will undoubtedly more than make up for the cost of a session in a salt sauna.