Saunas and Weight Loss

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Yes and no. Most of us look for ways to drop a few pounds every now and then. Professional athletes have long used saunas to help shed pounds before a sporting event. This is usually to shed water weight before an event. If you are looking to drop a quick few pounds sauna usage can help you do that. Just know that it is water weight and can come back quickly. That being said there are ways regular sauna usage supports weight loss.


Diet and exercise are well known as the key components to loosing weight and feeling great, but what motivates us to make good decisions in those areas? Lifestyle. How we live our lives is the most important decision we make.

Are we constantly stressed? Stress increases the hormone Cortisol, which contributes to heart disease and weight gain. Stress leads to overeating. Reducing stress in our lives is key to living a healthy lifestyle, and choosing a different way to live. 

That is where a sauna can help. Regular sauna usage can lead to stress reduction and a better lifestyle. A better lifestyle leads to better choices, and truly becoming the person we want to be.