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Sauna & Steam Room Management

When used properly, saunas and steam rooms can withstand decades of use with minimal issues. Unfortunately, in a large number of commercial facilities in the USA club members are often unfamiliar with how to use a sauna properly - and the typical club owner may be unsure of how to best care for their sauna and steam room with such heavy use.



Emily Attwood details the common member issues owners face and advice from industry experts on how these can best be addressed in this article from Athletic Business.

Tile: Got Problems?

Tile: Got Problems?

Considering a steam room project? While tile steam rooms have been around for the better part of a century, the issues surrounding them have remained consistent. If proper care is observed during the entire process from design through to material selection and final installation, a tile steam room can last for many years with relatively minor issue. Unfortunately the amount of time, money, and research that this requires means that the majority of traditional steam room projects contain shortcuts and cost-saving measures that inevitably lead to unmanageable maintenance and room deterioration.