Ultra Sauna Heaters

Industry’s Most Efficient Sauna Heater

The Ultra Sauna heater line was developed in 1964 (formerly by Vico Mfg.) with the goal of developing the only line of convection air-flow sauna heaters. By achieving greater air-flow, the heater can heat the room more rapidly and extend the life of the heater elements. This is accomplished by a unique element chamber design that separates each element. By restricting air space, the lower cold mass of air forces the warm air out at a higher velocity. In traditional saunas, where the elements are grouped together in the chamber, the elements radiate heat against each other forcing the elements to work at a higher temperature and for longer periods of time compared to a convection design.

  • 100% Stainless Steel Construction
  • 100% Commercial Design and Quality
  • 100% Trusted by Architects and Builders since 1964

Lower Operational Costs

Convection air-flow generates greater velocity of heat resulting in an more energy-efficient system. A common complaint of gym owners is the continuous replacement of costly elements damaged by 
open-chamber designs that allows water to run down the elements and into the connections. Ultra -
sauna’s solid pan design eliminates water damage while the chamber design creates greater airflow, reducing element operating temperatures and extending the element’s life. 

Versatile Design

While designed as a traditional dry sauna heater, the exclusive pan design transforms it into a 
Russian or Turkish sauna heater. Russian/Turkish saunas are characterized by having more moisture 
than Finnish saunas but higher temperatures and less steam than steam rooms. Craftsmanship, versatility, and smart design have made the Ultra Sauna line the #1 choice for commercial saunas.