The amenities your clients are looking for and the quality you expect, Am-Finn Sauna & Steam has it covered.

Am-Finn Sauna & Steam understands how important it is for your clients to experience the amenities they are accustom to and expect during their stay. Am-Finn Sauna & Steam offers the reliable, premium quality sauna and steam rooms your clients can enjoy with confidence in their short stay.

Since 1962, Am-Finn Sauna & Steam has been committed to high-quality products and professional service. Am-Finn Sauna & Steam is recognized as the leader in commercial grade sauna and steam rooms. For 52 years, Am-Finn Sauna & Steam has provided design-build and renovation services to hotels, resorts, and health clubs across the country.

New construction or renovations, Am-Finn Sauna & Steams Team of design experts and in-house factory installation team offers you the quality you want and expect for your location. For 2 people or 20 people, Am-Finn Sauna & Steam will work with you to find the ideal sauna and steam room options for you. Am-Finn Sauna & Steam works with you hand in hand to make your sauna and steam room projects worry and stress free, with top notch quality being number one.

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Preferred by Architects and Builders since 1962

Preferred by Architects and Builders since 1962

Am-Finn Sauna & Steam offers:

  • Preferred by Architects and Contractors since 1962
  • Turn-Key Approach: Layout and design consultation, manufacturing, and factory installation.
  • Top Notch quality you expect for your clients amenities.
  • Customized sauna and steam rooms
  • Renovation Services
  • Specially Trained, certified factory Installers
  • ADA compliance
  • In-House Technical Support
  • Replacement Parts
  • PowerZone – industries first automated sterilization system